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Sandra Osei Needs Her Daddy

Subject: Dear Beloved Dad/Mummy
From: Sandra Osei -

Dear Beloved Dad/Mummy

Dear dad/mummy please first, My name is Miss Sandra Osei, 21yrs old girl, from Ghana; I am the first daughter of my late father Chief Dr John Osei. Who die unbelievable deaths on car accident on 24th December 2007 before the death of my father he left deposited 3.5millon dollar, For me, my mummy, two sisters and my only brother Ezekiel, In one of the prime bank here in Ghana, now my uncles want to take it alone and leave us,

Please I need your help to save this money and which we want to transfer to you and come to you for our school and up keeping in your country, please if you do this for us, I promise you 30% of the total funds, but I want to leave Africa for my school, because my uncles are not happy about the money my father left for us, and they are trying to kill us, and take the money, so we can not go to school again.

I meet our late fathers attorney who advice me look for a foreign partner who is trust worthy and who can help us transfer the fund into his account for safety so after we will now come to your country to start a new life again and to finish our education.

Please dad I will be waiting to hear from you soon and I will like you to contact our late fatherís attorney for more details and for him to furnish you with all the documents that back this fund up.

Dad here is the contacts of our late fatherís attorney.

Name; Mr. Fred Mansa.


Dad once you contact him and you hear from you please do update me for more

Informationís I have pray over your name and I believe that my prayer has been answered.

Thank you.

Yours, Daughter Sandra. +233-248182188

RE: Beloved Dad/Mummy
Thursday, June 4, 2009 8:20 PM
From: "John Reed"

My Dearest Sandra,

I have read your story and I feel just terrible for what you and your sisters and your brother Ezaekiel must be going through. Just to think that your uncles want to kill you! And then to make matters worse, after they kill you, they want to take your money so you can't go to school!

That is horrible and it breaks my heart.

Please tell me, sweet Sandra, what I must do to help. I am sending this email as well to your late father's attorney Mr. Fred Mansa.

I am willing to help you and your sisters and brother. I will fly you out here to Chicago just to keep you safe from your murdering and stealing uncles.

How can I help?

Your Daddy,
John F. Reed - Sit On My Lap

ps - please send photos of your and your sisters. I always keep photos of my children on my wall.

Re: Beloved Dad/Mummy
Friday, June 5, 2009 3:57 AM
From: "Sandra Osei" -
To: "John Reed"

Please am very very sorry i made a mistake please our late fathers attorney email adress is not is please correct it please dad forgive me is due to two much thinking and problems on my head.

Lawyer email adress correction His telephone numbers are +233-541231876

Dad please contact him he will furnish you with all the informations and more details on how to uplift this fund.

Yours, Daughter Sandra Osei.+233-248182188

Re: Beloved Dad/Mummy
Friday, June 5, 2009 10:11 AM
From: "John Reed"
To: "Sandra Osei" -

Oh Dearest Sandra,

You made a mistake? Mistakes happen, pumpkin, but still an example must be made. I must give you a spanking.

With a fortune at risk, uncles trying to kill you, and then after they've killed you their attempt to steal your money just to keep you from school - we don't have time for mistakes.

Hey Fred, if you're reading this, furnish me with the informations. And be quick about it, Fred! My daughter's life is in danger! I'm going to send a message to the last lawyer and let him know what's what!

Do your job well, Fred, and furnish those informations! I'm going to give Koffi Mansa a piece of my mind...

Squeezing Off A Couple Rounds,
John F. Reed - And I Don't Mean With A Gun

Friday, June 5, 2009 10:14 AM
From: "John Reed"

Koffi Mansa you mother fucker,

YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER! Take your legal advice and furnished informations and shove them up your ass.

Here's a picture of what I do to lawyers I don't like!

If you take one step closer to her, I'll twist your balls off with a fork. You got that? I'll fuck your mother, chop up your children and feed them to goats, and then when the goats shit out what's left of your children I'll feed that chopped-children-goat-shit to your mother and fuck her again.

You piece of shit!

Peace & Love,
John F. Reed - Conflict Resolution Consultant

Re: Beloved Dad/Mummy
Monday, June 8, 2009 3:06 AM
From: "Fred Mansa" -
To: "John Reed"

Attn.Mr.John Reed:

I received your email yesterday but was unable to reply promptly based on my tight schedule. Following your correspondence with Miss Sandra, I will say you are right to be sure of what and whom you are dealing with before you get yourself involve.

Now the money in question is existing and presently not out of Ghana due to security reasons, this was arranged because of money restrictions here in Africa, More so Miss Sandra came to my office and introduced you and stated the funds be release to you as the beneficiary, I am however not in position to dispute that because her late father stated that she should get a hold of foreign partner to assist her in investing the funds abroad and that is also the essence to have move the funds to the state.

The instruction for the money was to be release to any person (s) as authorized by miss Sandra, what I am going to do now is to obtain a transfer of ownership in your name and furnish you with all the necessary information with which the funds can be release to you upon your corporation, I will send you a copy of PROVE OF OWNERSHIP for your perusal and attention.

Note: You will be required to contact the bank/ security company with insurance and policy number of the transaction after i might have secured a transfer of ownership in your name and forward a copy to them. In order to proceed with this transaction I will need you to send me the informationís listed below:

1, Full Name and Address
2, Nationality
3, Age
4, Occupation
5, Scanned copy of your passport ID or driverís license
6, Telephone/Fax

Upon receipt of this requirement I shall commence work and will be updating you accordingly. If you need further clarification do not hesitate to email me back or call me.


Barr Fred Mansa Esq.

Re: Beloved Dad/Mummy
Monday, June 8, 2009 11:38 AM
From: "John Reed"
To: "Fred Mansa" -

Barrister Fred Mansa,

I am pleased that you understand my wanting to be sure of whom I'm about to be involved with.

The information you asked for is provided below.

1 - John F. Reed, 2519 S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60608
2 - United States
3 - 42
4 - Therapist
5 - (attached)
6 - (312) 326-0001

If you could, since I fear for my daughter Sandra's safety, please send me photos of my new daughter.

Also, could you tell me if Sandra's allergic to vaseline or ky? Thanks.

Wrigley Field,
John F. Reed - Home Of The Cubs

Re: Beloved Dad/Mummy
Tuesday, June 9, 2009 4:36 AM
From: "Fred Mansa" -
To: "John Reed"

Attn.Mr.John Reed:

I received your mail and the contents are well understood by me but currently the said funds are now deposited in South Africa due to security reasons and the said bank/ security company has there correspondent banks in some parts of Europe like Spain, Belgium and Russia I will like you to tell me parts of this countries you can travel to in other to claim this funds from the Bank/ Security company? Again your urgent response is highly needed.

Thank you and waiting to hear from you.

Barr. Fred Mansa.

Re: Beloved Dad/Mummy
Tuesday, June 9, 2009 10:42 AM
From: "John Reed"
To: "Fred Mansa" -


I need some Goldbond - my balls are sticking to my leg like crazy today.

That said, balls aside, (hey! eyes up here buddy!) I can travel.

I can meet you, or your representative in Bern, Switzerland or Endinburgh, Scotland (love it there).

Can you meet me there? Can you meet me in either of those places? Bring me a taco. A pink taco. Bring me a pink taco because I want to stuff it. Well, I want to eat it THEN stuff it - if you catch my meaning...

Let's meet in Switzerland or Scotland. Your pick. OOH, or Amsterdam. We can meet in Amsterdam, do business, get lit, go to that one street that has all the tacos in the windows, and then pass out on a public bench somewhere.

I thank YOU and I can't wait to hear from YOU!

Five Dollah,
John F. Reed - Make You Hollah

ps - please send pictures of my new daughter Sandra - in a one piece or two piece, I'm good either way.

Re: Beloved Dad/Mummy
Friday, June 12, 2009 2:57 AM
From: "Fred Mansa" -
To: "John Reed"


We are here to notify you that we are waiting to hear from you.

Thank you.

Barr. Fred Mansa.

Re: Beloved Dad/Mummy
Friday, June 12, 2009 1:42 PM
From: "John Reed"
To: "Fred Mansa" -


Fred, you've got to be kidding me.

I sent you all the information you required so you could commence work, and I sent it to you FOUR DAYS AGO!

I'm sorry, Fred, but is there another Barrister I could speak with? I've sent everything you've required of me, I've cooperated, and yet you approach me with the attitude that I'm not the one who's complying.

I'm complying. I've done everything you've asked of me. You have no idea how uncomfortable it is to sit here with my balls sticking to my leg and being all out of GoldBond.

Regardless, you did not answer my last question - is Sandra allergic to vaseline or ky?

Tired Of Waiting,
John F. Reed - Cleaned The Pipes