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Brown Heyman

From: Brown Heyman -
Date: Thursday, April 7, 2011, 5:39 PM


My name is Mr. Brown Heyman, formerly working with SNS Bank Netherlands Branch, presently I am working with Capital One Bank Europe Plc here in United Kingdom. I have a proposition to discuss with you about a certain bonded account in our Bank. The bonded Account has a balance of USD17.3Million.

It will be beneficial to all parties concerned I am contacting you on this due to you share the same Family name with the Bonded Account. Please contact me through my private E-mail, for more information.

Thanks and hoping to hear from you soon.

Yours truly,

Mr. Brown Heyman

Re: RE:GET BACK TO METhursday, April 21, 2011 4:15 PM
From: "John Reed"

Mr. Brown Heyman,

Thank you so much for contacting me. I'm sure you found my information from the IDPBAD (International Database of Professional Bonded Account Dealers).

I've done much work with Capitol One Bank, and I've worked with many Hymens, so I think this could work. Still, I'd like to hear a little more history about the 17.3M.

Could you give me a little history about where the 17.3M came from, and a little about your experience in the business of international bonded account transactions?

Thank you.

John F. Reed - Since 1925

ps - can I have a photo of you as well? I like to look at a Hymen before I work with one.

Saturday, April 23, 2011 11:53 AM
From: "brown heyman" -
Dear Mr John.

Below is the detail of this transaction and how you fit in for your consideration.

I want to present you as the Next-of-Kin and Beneficiary of a client/customer of our bank who died four years ago, leaving the sum of US$17.3 million dollars in his bank account. The Client was an owner of a shipping and oil marketing company in the United Kingdom here.

He has no known relation, Next-of-Kin or Beneficiary of the money above so far because he died in a motor accident together with his entire immediate family of a wife and two children.

In the account opening form he filled while opening the bank account with our bank he used his wife as his Next-of-Kin without any alternative name in case of any eventuality as is the case now. Our bank has waited for the allowed period of time for someone to claim the money as the Next-of-Kin of the Late account owner before the money would be turned in over to the United Kingdom Government for it to become Government's money.

I want to present you as the identified relation, Next-of-Kin and Beneficiary of the said US$17.3 million so that you can claim the money for us to share together as follows: 55% to you and 44% to me.

Your responsibility would be to present yourself as explained above, provide your bank account (if you do not have one, you are allowed to use the inheritance fund to open one with our bank, a Non-Resident Account).

You will engage the service of a UK resident Attorney to get legal papers to cover the inheritance payment. These documents required by law from people claiming inheritance money would be prepared by the said Attorney with your information. Where those documents are not available, the Attorney would present an Affidavit on your behalf to defend your claims. This would be done perfectly by the said Attorney that nobody would ever know you were not actually related to the said former bank account owner.

You will take care of the legal fees of the Attorney and papers to be obtained in your name and favor by the said Attorney. This is the reason why you are getting 55% of the inheritance money. I hope you are comfortable with your percentage share of the money in question? You must keep records of all the money you may spend on this project so that when the money is eventually paid to you, you can deduct your expenses from the money before we can share it.

I am going to be responsible for monitoring and facilitating the quick payment of the inheritance fund to you once the Attorney files a formal application for the payment of the fund to you without any problem.

You will receive an official inheritance application form from our bank for processing and payment to you once you have confirmed your readiness to collaborate with me after carefully studying the above conditions.

It is important to inform you that this project is risk free and poses no danger to your safety and security provided we follow the legal means of using the service of a UK resident Attorney to apply for the payment of the money.

You must also give me an assurance that you would give me my share of the money when finally paid to you. Remember, every business is based and anchored on total trust. I am prepared to trust you and demand same from you so that we can achieve 100% success soonest.

The above is for your due and careful consideration please.

Brown Heyman
N/B you can call me on my private number if you have any urgent question.+447924233322

Monday, April 25, 2011 4:54 PM
From: "John Reed"
To: "brown heyman" -

Brown Hymen,

I trust you. I trust that you trust me. I believe will achieve 100% success soonest because we have 100%.

I have a couple questions I would like to address before we proceed:
1 - You offer me 55%. I want 56%.
2 - I want YOU to take care of the legal fees out of YOUR 44%. I will happily pay all other fees.
3 - Please do not address me as "Mr. John". You may call me either "Mr. Reed" or "Sir".

If we can agree to these terms I believe we can be in business.

Just for the record, Brown Hymen, I have known many other Hymens - Brown and Pink - and I've loved them all. Imperforate, Cribriform, or Septate - I can work with it.

Cherry Pop,
John F. Reed - Unskinny Bop

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 10:04 AM
From: "brown heyman" -


OK.that is no problem i will be taking care of getting a solicitor that will perfect all the document to your name as full beneficiary of the will make available the money to open a none residential account where the fund will be wired from.the information i need which the lawyer will be working with is as follows.

scan copy of your passport
full home and office address
direct phone and fax number
receiving Bank details

get back to me with this details so we can proceed.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011 4:07 PM
From: "John Reed"
To: "brown heyman" -

Brown Hymen,

I am ready to comply, however the information you ask of me is rather detailed and, to be honest, I don't know why you would need a copy of my passport.

I am willing to comply if, you first send me a scan copy of your passport. Since you are the one who initiated this business transaction it seems only fair that you send a photo of you first.

Once I have your information I will happily send you mine. I want to see a photo of a Hymen.

Thank you.

John F. Reed - Side Straddle Hops