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Brother Bouba

I got this letter earlier today, so I just HAD to respond. Almighty G-d willing, I'll get a response from my long lost brother Bouba.

Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005
bouba sulaiman wrote:

Dear Brother,

Greeting to you and your family in the name of God.How are you doing,hope all is fine,if so,glory be to Almighty God,the most merciful and the most gracious.Thanks for your reply towards my bussiness transaction.I received your message and the contents were properly understood.Firstly,i thank you alot for your understanding and being a somebody that knows bussiness.The abbandonned fund which belong to one of our deceased customer was discovered in my department.Infact i was very happy to your understanding in bussiness transaction,but note that before i will send you the test of transfer application form which to be fill and send to the bank,i will like to first hear from you to keep me promise and give me full assurance that you can handle this money better and safely in your account after the release and transfer to your account before i come to your country for my share,please assure and guarantee me very well on that.

I swear to Almighty God that with your full support,this transaction will not take more than fourteen working days before the money will be release and transfer into your account if you can always follow my instruction on the direction i will be giving to you to claim the money with ease.I will like to repeat it for you to keep this transaction as a top secret to avoid implication.

Furthermore,about the the percentage you suggest,i can only accept to increased your percentage to 39% because of your personality and 5% for the expenses.Note that you have to make sure you be constant to your e-mail box and try to be mailing me at least twice in a day incase i may have some information to be giving you on what is going on in the bank after you have apply.

You need to act fast this time arround and mail me urgent to enable me to send you the test of transfer application form which you will fill and send to the bank.I swear with Almighty God,that this is free risk and confidential transaction that involve no any risk,no implication and no precaution thereafter.All you have do is to keep on praying for the successful of this bussiness transaction because prayer is the main key of success.

I will further in my details as soon as i receive your next mail.

I am waiting to hear from you as soon as you receive this message to enable me to send you the application form.

Do not fail to call me on this private number as soon as you receive this message 00226 76 61 86 14 waiting for your urgent call.

My sincere greeting to the family.

Keep intouch

Brother Bouba,

I haven't heard from you in a long while. So good for you to have written.

Thank Almighty G-d that you found what you did, and thank Almighty G-d again that you chose me, out of all the people you know, to share this.

I swear to Almighty G-d that I will try to follow your instruction and keep this matter completely quiet - top secret between us. If it will take fourteen days for all this money to transfer into my account, that must mean it is a lot of money, so I swear to Almighty G-d that I'll follow your instruction because I don't want this to get messy.

I appreciate your giving me 39% of the final transfer, and it's very nice of you to spare another 5% for expenses, but I think that, since we're brothers, we should split this down the middle - 47.5% each, plus 2.5% each for expenses. If you're willing to accept those numbers, then I swear to Almight G-d that I will listen to more of your instructions.

I totally know what you mean about my needing to act fast on this one. Remember the last one? I WAS SO SLOW! I swear to Almight G-d that I will act faster this time, and to prove that I will I'm sending you this email right now. I check this email all the time, so you can contact me more than two times a day - and I hope you do!

I did try calling you at 00226 76 61 86 14, but some lady answered the phone and said she didn't know a Bouba. I tried telling her it was my brother Bouba's number and he must be there somewhere, but she didn't agree and hung up. Did you get a new number?

I swear to Almighty G-d that I thank you for your sincere greetings to the family. The wife's doing well in her pursuits, and the dog finally learned how to High-5 and, get this, Double High-5. He's still a puppy, but if he keeps up this learning pace he'll be a genius by two! The kids are great, but they miss their Uncle Bouba. Mom even asks me from time to time what you're up to, and even though it's difficult to explain to her face of tears where you've gone, she's still very happy that you've found success. When are you coming home, brother Bouba?

We miss you.

Keep in touch.

From: "bouba sulaiman"
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2005 10:10:48 +0000

Dear Brother,

Thanks for your message and for your immediate response,how is family all together,hope they are feeling better,if so glory be to Almighty Allah the most merciful and the most gracious.I received your message and i was very happy and pleased with the contents and for keeping me promise and for your assurance.

Instruction,do not use another person bank account for the transfer of the money whereby after the transfer of the fund you will be telling me to wait for someone to authorise the account before my share will be collected in your country.

I am surprised to hear from you that you call me and is a lady or woman voice spoke with you,i will like to tell you that the cell phone number is my private and confidential,this is the number again 00226 76 61 86 14.

Anticipated to hear from you urgent.

My sincere greeting to the family.



TEL: 00226 76 61-59-41
FAX: 00226 50 32-12-65


MY NAME IS...........

I,apply to the bank as next of kin to your deceased customer,who died in a plane crash.I humbly apply and put claim over his balance with the bank which is valued at............. USDm, left in his account still unclaimed Until his sudden death, we have been business asscociates,jointly in exposition and buying of Gold and diamond. The funds were transfered into his account through our bank, FORTIS BANK AMESTERDAM,HOLLAND.for purchase of gold /Diamond.I wish to advise your bank to kindly return the fund to the account Numbers stated below :

Bank information

Bank account number..........
Receiving bank....................
Bank name.........................
Tel number.........................
Fax number........................

personal information

Private telephone no........
Private fax no..................

Wishing my application will be given an urgent attention needed, as I wish the balance to be released, and re-transfered into my account details.Accept my apologies for the late application. it was due to some logistic problems, which have been duely settled.

Thanking you for your anticipated co-operation.



From: "bouba sulaiman"
Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2005 10:34:21 +0000

Dear Brother,

Greeting to you and your family,happy weekend.I hope to hear your call since yesterday i sent you the form to fill and send to the bank.Have you receive the transfer application form?have you send it to the bank as i told you to do.Why you did not call me since yesterday? well i will like to hear from you and receive your call.

Keep on praying for the progres.

Keep intouch.

May Almighty God be with us amen.

Yours brother

From: "bouba sulaiman"
Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2005 19:51:14 +0000

Dear Brother,

Good evening.I am wondering why no response from you,i think you have to know that i have no rest of mind for not receive your mail nor your call.What is happening?hope no problem.Please try to keep me inform if you have send the application form to the bank or not.Did you remember what you told me that you will always follow my instruction and my steps in this transaction,at least by now i suppose to have receive your message and call.

Note that delay is dangerous in such bussiness transaction as i am waiting to hear from you immediately you receive this message.

Do not fail to send me your private phone number in your next mail.

Greeting to the family.

Best regard

Brother Bouba,

Praise Almighty God.

I'm sorry I took so long to respond to you - there's been some unrest in the family. Uncle Mooki is deathly ill and in the hospital. All the family is here trying to comfort him, but he still calls for you. "Where is Bouba?" he keeps asking. Also, it took some time to put you down as the secondary accouont holder at the bank.

Anyway, brother Bouba, Almighty God be praised, I have all my bank account information ready for you. I tried calling your number again, but this time I got a very angry man on the other with some level of gastro-intestinal issues (I think he was Russian judging from his accent). I tried faxing you as well, but the number never went through. Maybe I'm not dialing internationally properly?

Here is my bank account information for my offshores account in Switzerland, praise God.

Large Bank of Switzerland (Bangke Gigante Svize)
12 Lukdz Street
Bern, Switzerland

ACCT: 0013-0089-7739-3
Primary Account Holder: John Francis Reed
Secondary Account Holder: Bouba Sulaiman
Security Clearance Number: C11-CS2

This is my smaller account that I use for transfers and such, and there's only a little over two million dollars in it - nothing worth worrying about. I'm ready for you to make the transfers. Good luck.

Also, don't forget, I want an even share, precisely half, of what's transfered.

Praise God, God be praised, Almighty God is mighty.

-John F. Reed

From: "boadg africa"
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005
Subject: BANK OF AFRICA................reliable and dependable












Dear Mussa Sawadogo,

Before I get started, I have to admit that I was a little nervous about this transaction until I saw the slogan for your bank "reliable and dependable". That made me feel so much better. Just last night I was losing sleep, wondering if you were reliable and maybe even a little dependable - and you are! Terrific.

Hold on one second. Your name is Mussa Sawadogo? Are you in any way related to James Carver Sawadogo from Brooklyn, NY? That's guy's awesome! He works in that steakhouse across the street from that really smelly pet store, you know the one?, and if you crack a joke funny enough to make him laugh he gives you FREE REFILLS of soda.

Here's my Swiss bank account information. Everything's ready for the transfer.

Large Bank of Switzerland (Bangke Gigante Svize)
12 Lukdz Street
Bern, Switzerland

ACCT: 0013-0089-7739-3
Primary Account Holder: John Francis Reed
Secondary Account Holder: Bouba Sulaiman
Security Clearance Number: C11-CS2

I'm so happy your email wasn't full of praising God. Don't get me wrong, I love God and he deserves to be praised, but Bouba never shuts up about it. "How are you? Praise God. What's going on with the wife? Almighty God be praised. I'll have a pastrami on rye with extra pickles, praise Almighty God." One problem I do have with you email is that it's all in caps, and that gets difficult to read - it's like you're yelling. Try using capital and lower case letters, you know, to mellow things out.

Let me know how the transfer's going! Tell James Carver Sawadogo in Brooklyn that I'll be in for a steak after the money's transfered. Maybe I'll make so much money from this I'll BUY the steakhouse and give James Carver Sawadogo a raise!

Do you like cheese?

-John F. Reed

Brother Bouba,

Almighty God be praised.

Uncle Mooki is dead. With his very last breath he called out, "BOUBA!", and then he passed.

The whole family is shooken up by this, praise God. We miss you, Bouba, we need you. It was Uncle Mooki's final wish to see you. The conditions of Uncle Mooki's will stipulated that it be read and carried out immediately after his passing. Guess who he left everything to? YOU! Almighty God be praised! You really should come home and claim your inheritance or it'll be divided and given mom and that man she's been seeing for so long, Mr. Mussa Sawadogo.

You recognize the name? Mr. Mussa Sawadogo, the same Mr. Mussa Sawadogo from the Bank of Africa that's working on our transaction, is going to get your inheritance. Praise Almighty God for He deserves all praise. When you go into the bank in the next couple days, I suggest you keep a close eye on him. First he ravages our mother, and then he steals your money! God be praised.

Mr. Mussa Sawadogo cannot be trusted. Mr. Mussa Sawadogo doesn't praise Almighty God all the time like you and I do because he's a heretic. I even heard, and this is from mom herself, that Mr. Mussa Sawadogo said, "Sulaiman is the word of the donkey!" HOW DARE HE!


Please let me know how the money transfer is going. I'm so excited. I don't even know what to do with this much money.

Do you like cheese?

-John F. Reed

From: "bouba sulaiman"
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005

Dear Brother,

Good day to you and your families.What is the condition of unrest peoples? how is Uncle Mooki's health? hope he is getting better.I received your explanation and understand very well.Now,to avoid any further delay since you have forward your bank account details to me,i will immediately prepared the application form on your behalf with the account details forward to me and i will tender it to the desk of the director for urgent attention.

I will prepare the form right now with your bank information sent to me and i will tender it to the desk of our director as i said,so please do not fail to keep me inform immediately you receive any message from bank over the application form to enable me to aware and advice you on next step.All i knew is that if bank fail to contact you back today,latest tommorrow they must surely reach you as far as is direct that the application will be present.

I will like you to not stop praying at all,no matter that i have 100% guarranteed that the money is our in advance,yet nothing pass prayer because prayer is the key of success.

I am assuaring you with the name of Almighty God that joy is our in this month.

Express my sincere greeting to the family,friends and relatives.

May Almighty God continue to be with us till we achieve this aim amen.

Yours Brother

Brother Bouba,


I can't believe you're going to tender for me. Praise God. Most people would outsource the tendering to some tender company in India or something, but not my brother Bouba. God be praised. Thank you for doing all the tendering.

I had some tenders last night myself. Burger King Chicken Tenders. It's a competitive item with McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. Same thing pretty much, except they're longer, don't fit into little dipping cups of sauce, and you don't have to say 'Mc' as a preface to every other word in a sentence. Almighty God be praised.

Uncle Mooki's health can't get any worse now - he's dead. He missed you right until the very end. But don't worry, he left you everything in his will. Praise God. I'd keep an eye out for that Mussa Sawadogo character from the Bank of Africa. He's a screwy one - especially since he started 'dating' mom if you know what I mean. I think he's after your money. I don't trust him. But I trust you because you're my brother.

Know what I feel like doing right about now? That's right - praising God.


Feels good to praise God because He is so massive that one little praise doesn't cut the mustard. You need to praise Him, and praise Him alot for He is Almighty. Almighty God be praised. Amen.

Keep me informed of the money transfer. Be sure to tender it yourself.

Do you like cheese?

-John F. Reed

From: "bouba sulaiman"
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005

Dear Brother Francis,

Good day to you and families.Infact it was a great touch to heared the death of Uncle mooki's,may his soul rest in perfect peace amen.Thanks for your message.As i said,the form has been submitted to the desk of our director since yesterday for urgent treating.Now i will like you to also send a letter to back it up and request for urgent response over the application form submitted.

I will like you to prepare a letter right now and send it bank and request for urgent treating of your application form.These is what i suggest.

I will be waiting for your urgent reply as soon as possible.Do not fail to send me your cell number in your next message.

Express my sincere greeting to the family.

Best regard

Brother Bouba,

Almighty God be praised. Amen. Almighty. Praise. God. Almighty God. Praise, praise, praise, God. Amen.

I will send a letter to the bank immediately asking them to treat my application, and treat my application well. I often look at an application as a guest, if you will, in the household of filing. Think about it. There's a file system in place, and then along comes an application looking for shelter. The filing system takes the application in, gives it a folder to stay in, places it amongst familiar faces within the same, general alphabetical group, etc... And the filing system treats the application well, very well. I will tell all this to the bank, for I want them to treat my application with the greatest respect, praise Almighty God, for my application is better than all other applications. My application is king amongst all paperwork - second only to God Himself! Praise God. Amen.

Uncle Mooki came back to life today. The two men at the cemetary that were responsible for filling in his grave heard a quiet knocking. As they smoothed away the dirt the knocking got louder. They dug and dug and dug until finally they were able to open Uncle Mooki's casket.

"What a great nap!" they heard him say. So, Uncle Mooki is, once again, alive and well. The will will no longer need reading, he's going to keep all his money and marry our mother. I think that makes us brothers AND cousins now. PRAISE ALMIGHTY GOD! AMEN!

I am going to send the bank a letter right now.

Do you like cheese?

-John F. Reed

Hello Mussa Sawadogo,

I'm writing as requested by my brother, and now cousin, Bouba to tell you to go ahead with the transfer. You have my full and total and utmost and complete permission to go ahead and transfer the money.

Would you like $50,000? You can have it as a tip for all that you're doing for us. Consider it a gift. Bouba has it. He keeps it in his left shoe. He uses it as a lift. There's $50,000 in the right shoe, also, but just to counter the height of the $50,000 in the left shoe. The money in the right shoe can be yours too - but only if you use it to spend on the childrenof Africa. By them toys or something. Things that need batteries and light up and make noise. They'll love that.

Do you like cheese?

-John F. Reed

Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005
Subject: Where is all the money?
To: "bouba sulaiman"

Brother Bouba,


It's been two weeks now and I haven't heard from you. You said that after two weeks all the money would be moved and we'd be rich. I have so many things I want to get. I want to get a new car, and a new stereo, and ranch of llamas.

More news from home. Uncle Mooki, or whom I've recently come to know and love as 'dad', finally died again. This time he lost both legs and a splean from an accident with a bicycle, stray cat, and a truck full of eggs. Mother tried to get all his money, but he never changed his will so it's still all yours! PRAISE GOD, AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN!

Let me know what I have to do now to get that money. I'm very excited to get it and share it with my family and friends. I love my family and friends, and I praise Almighty God and thank Almighty God for them every day, and every night, and every evening and morning. Praise God.

Do you like cheese?

-Brothercousin John F. Reed

From: "bouba sulaiman"
Subject: Stop this!!!
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005

Please stop this non challant attitude.

Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005
Subject: Re: Stop this!!!
To: "bouba sulaiman"

Brother Bouba,

Thank Almighty God you responded. I was beginning to worry. I thought something horrible might have happened to you.

I've been trying to monitor my account in Switzerland, the one I gave you information for the transfer, and I can't get access anymore. Praise God! Did you change the account information? Where's my money? When can I get my money? I want so much to share it with you. I want to buy you a great meal, a meal fit for a king!


Tell me when I can get my money, and please tell me soon. If you don't, praise God, I'm going to have to take you to court - God be praised. Please get my money to me soon, I'd hate for our mother and new father (former uncle) Mooki to find out about our newly developing feud. In Uncle, sorry, Daddy Mooki's frail state I'm afraid news of this could kill him.

Do you like cheese?

-John F. Reed

ps - I just realized that I forgot that Uncle Mooki (aka "dad") died as of my previous letter in some horrible accident involving a mass of eggs. So scratch that last bit about Daddy (aka "uncle") Mooki's health in relation to my taking you to court. Thanks. GOD BE PRAISED!